TITAN RPG MU Online - is a server, that will finch even the oldest players in this game world.
The server development process itself consists of several stages.
First of all we want to pay attention to the following information:
DONATE - many players are constantly interested in this issue, namely, how the DONATE ITEMS will be placed on the server:
 1. DONATE ITEMS uniqueness will appear as the server evolves, namely - gradually! There will not be, we repeat, there will not be such that TOP ITEMS will be added immediately.
 For example: they will be added first to the DRAGON ITEMS, then after 2 months they will be added to the Great Dragon and so on ....
 2. DONATE - Will be included in a couple of days. This action is done in order for the player to feel and get used to the TITAN game world.
The second question that torments many players: VIP, PETS-who give% EXP. We will not have these buns, all that concerns + EXP - there will be nothing like that.
Perhaps in half a year we will add it according to Your desire.
This will be decided afterwards!
You can get all this information from us on our page: FAQ
Feel like a real Titan and conquer the server: TITAN RPG MU Online.
Crush, trade, grow and behave like a real Titan!


Rank: x100
Drop: 10%
4 Season
Maximum level 400
Elf Buffer to 400
Grand reset with 50 resets
Stats after the grand repetition of 10000 + 10000 Credits
Creating a guild: 250 lvl
Autoclicker is available from level 1
A unique quest system, thought out!
Unique Events [Team Vs Team]
Max. grand reset: 15
Max Stats: 32767
New locations
Server uptime: 24/7
It is possible to receive bonuses through voting for the server.
Reliable protection against all sorts of cheats and dumb.

Features of pumping:

Spots in all locations on 9 monsters with respawn of 5 seconds.
All monsters are reconfigured, balanced for x3 raises.
Unique system Off-Exp (pumping in offline).
Events BC, DS increased experience.
Start boxes falling from all monsters designed to quickly dress you up a bit.
Balanced export and drop of zen.
The consignment:

A batch of 2 people does not matter which class = 194% of the total (97% for each member)
A party of 3 people of the same class = 282% of the total exp (94% per member)
A party of 4 people of the same class = 364% of the total (91% per member)
A party of 5 people of the same class = 440% EXP total (88% per member)
Bonus experience modifier:


[Mini] A batch of 2 different characters = 206% total exp (103% for each member)
[Silver] A batch of 3 different characters = 318% total exp (106% for each member)
[Gold] A batch of 4 different characters = 436% total exp (109% for each member)
[Platinium] A batch of 5 different characters = 560% total exp (112% for each member)
Server Features:

Experienced team of developers
Protection against ddos ​​and cheats
Fully working game content
Thoughtful economy
Balanced Ex and Drop Zen
Grand Reset System
Reconnect system
Bonuses for resets and grand resets
Well-considered balance

Posted24 / 06 / 2019Byspartamu

Currently this is only one server.